Angler's Ridge Trail Association

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Join Through IMBA

Join ATA through IMBA and be a member of both clubs. You will receive benefits from IMBA, depending on your contribution, such as socks, discounts on items, and digital magazines subscriptions. Part of your contribution will go to IMBA to support world wide advocacy for trails and mountain biking and part will go to ATA to support our local trails at Angler’s.  

Join ATA locally

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Donate directly through our paypal button (below), by mail, or at the drop box at the trails.  All donations go straight to the club to support day to day operations, as well as keep tools and gas replenished for trail work.

Help Our Cause

  Your continued support is vital to our success. Your contributions help us to buy gas for machines (blowers, string trimmers and the DitchWitch SK500), build bridges, replace tools, pay for club insurance, and provide other incentives to promote our events and efforts here in Danville.  And, all donations are tax deductible! 

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